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[Fig. 4] Twiter bird aiming to unfollow people. Provided by fiverr.com

Have you ever wondered why someone randomly unfollowed you from Twitter? You think back yourself and wonder what may have been the cause. You definitely were not mean to them and you didn’t unfollow them, so you sit around and wonder what could have been the cause.

Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. from Psychology Today writes in her article, The 3 Reasons Why People Unfollow You on Twitter gives us readers some insight on what the cause may have been. The author points out the three elements and defines the reasons as:

  • You tweet too much
  • You tweet about boring topics
  • You give mundane details about your life

In her opinion, these are the top three ways to get unfollowed from twitter. I know you’re thinking, could that be true? Do I really tweet too much, possibly about boring topics, and my post could be mundane? Yes, and it’s simple and is something that happens to a large majority of twitter users especially the newly obsessed.

So, you tweet too much…

Posting every minute about something can be a little much to your followers. Even the celebrities who are paid to tweet about their lives don’t even tweet every chance they get. When something really exciting happens you don’t have to tweet every single detail. Let your followers have a break and give yourself one too. Imagine if someone on your timeline constantly tweeted every minute. I’m sure you would unfollow them too.

You tweet about boring topics…

Tweet about things that are exciting in your life. But then again, don’t go on and post about extremely inappropriate topics, no matter how exciting they may seem. Just don’t sit around all day and tweet about the same show or a bowl of oatmeal as Sarkis explains. Give your followers something to read.

You give mundane details about your life…

Telling us when you’re awake, what you had for breakfast, how you need to go to the grocery store, etc are all very mundane details that no one cares to hear about. Your followers do not need to know every single detail about your day to day routine. Add a little mystery into your life.

“Now if you were going to the grocery store to buy milk and there was a grizzly bear checking out at the register, that is something to tweet about.  Maybe he’s buying milk too.” – Psychology Today, The 3 Reasons Why People Unfollow You on Twitter

Now you have the reasons as to why people unfollow you on Twitter. Check out your feed and see if you have anything that sounds similar to this list. If so, liven it up a bit. But remember keep it appropriate. (Sarkis, “The 3 Reasons Why People Unfollow You From Twitter”)


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