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Have you ever had the urge to send out a tweet that you probably shouldn’t have…but you did it anyway? If you’re like most active users on Twitter, I’m sure it has happened. But before you do it, stop yourself! You never know who may be reading your posts. I’m not just talking about your friends or families, but one day when you go to apply for College, Graduate School, Med School, Law School, or even a real world job, someone of importance will be reading what you said. Even if you did post it 4 years ago.

According to this infographic by over 90% of employers have admitted to checking social networking sites.

Psychology Today provides some useful tips on what to think about before you decide to post. In their article, Hit Send, No Wait: The dangers of a hyper-personal online life by Tristan Gorrindo, M.D. they use the acronym WAIT as a helpful way for you to stop and think before you send out that post that may hurt your future. (Gorrindo, “Hit Send, no Wait: The dangers of a hyper-personal online life”)

  • W- Wide audience 
    • “W” asks the question: Would I say this in front of a school assembly?
  • A- Affect
    • “A” asks the question: Am I in a good emotional place right now?
  • I- Intent
    • “I” asks the question: Might my intent be misunderstood?
  • T- Today
    • …Tomorrow, or the next day? “T” asks the question: Can this wait a day?

So next time when you decide to tweet, WAIT and think about it!


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