”]What Would Your Mother Say If She Read This?

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Back when we thought websites like MySpace and Facebook were harmless we used to just post everything that came to mind without a second thought. Recently, the world realized that wasn’t the case. Users quickly began blocking profiles, untagging, and deleting photos. You know, those photos. For those of you who have been in this situation, don’t sit still yet because studies show that these photos are stillout there.

West Virginia University’s Office of Information Technology recently shared with us a Blog post that focused on the issue of Facebook. Their post, Deleted Facebook Photos Still Available  (West Virginia University OIT, “Deleted Facebook Photos Still Available”) discusses a study that was conducted in 2009 and once again in 2011 by ARS Technica who recognized a flaw in the companies system.

They noticed that when users immediately deleted certain content from their site, such as photos, this content was still available via direct link. ARS even found that in some cases, Facebook had photos still on their servers for over 3 years. The problem is currently being worked on but that is also what the company said back in 2009.

The lesson of today is, watch what you post because you never know. It can still be out there to haunt you.


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